All your product ideas and feedback in one place

Effortlessly engage with your users by sharing, voting on and discussing ideas related to your product(s) and seamlessly gather feedback from them.

For You

An elegant dashboard experience ✨

Manage your ideas, track their progress, evaluate user suggestions, and access fundamental analytics from your dashboard.


Progress tracking
Advance your ideas through various statuses such as "Considering" or "Implemented," and lable them as "Closed" upon completion.


Channel Management
Establish multiple channels and empower users to propose feedback and suggestions within these channels.


Add and customize categories as per your product(s) needs or features. eg. "Mobile App", "Web App"


Custom Themes
Personalize your dashboard with diverse backgrounds and toggle between dark and light modes for enhanced aesthetics.
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For Your Customers

A centralized Idea Hub πŸš€

Your users can access all your ideas from a single location, vote on their favorites, and propose new features or products from a unified platform.


Collaborative Idea Sharing
Enable effortless idea sharing, allowing users to share their feedback, suggestions and collectively shape your product's future.


Real Time Updates
Keep users informed with timely updates on their ideas and suggestions.


Profile Management
Individuals using the application have the capability to control and customize their personal information within the system.
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Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Get ready to unlock a world of amazing features and benefits, all without any sneaky costs or pesky commitments. And the best part? You're in control!

"The VIP Adventure Pass"

Embark on an exciting adventure with our epic one-of-a-kind subscription plan! No limits on the amount of ideas or suggestions.

What’s included

  • User Authentication
  • Custom domain
  • Idea and Feedback Submission
  • Voting System
  • Public/Private Channels
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Custom Dashboard Themes
  • Basic analytics
  • Custom Statuses
  • Email notifications

Start now and let the excitement begin!

$15/ month

Get Started TodayπŸš€

Create a space where your community can have discussions, ask questions, suggest features and vote on ideas – all in the same place.


If you ever feel like taking a detour from this amazing journey, you can cancel anytime without any strings attached.

Frequently asked questions

πŸš€ Need a new feature? Issues with the latest update? Remember, we're humans, so please be kind. Reach out directly at — Idea Vote

Who is this app for?

Are you an indie hacker or a SaaS developer embarking on your journey with tight budget constraints, finding it challenging to invest in costly feedback platforms for your new products? Searching for a solution that empowers you to build products tailored to your customers' needs? Look no further! The Idea Vote app enables you and your users/customers to actively engage through idea voting, providing feedback, and expressing interest in various offerings. This allows you to deepen your connection with your community, utilizing their input and suggestions to enhance your product offerings. Plus, you're in full control of the platform, steering the ship towards success.

How does the idea voting process work?

The idea voting process works by allowing users to submit their ideas or suggestions on a platform. These ideas are then made visible to the community. Users can browse through the ideas, vote for the ones they like, and provide feedback. The most popular ideas, determined by the number of votes they receive, rise to the top, gaining greater visibility and attention. This democratic process enables the community to collectively prioritize and shape the future direction of products or services.

Can I track the status of my submitted ideas?

Absolutely! You can track the status of your submitted ideas on the platform. Once you've submitted an idea, you'll be able to monitor its progress. This includes receiving notifications about any updates, such as when your idea gains votes, moves to the implementation stage, or gets implemented by the organization. Tracking the status of your ideas ensures that you stay informed and engaged in the idea development process.

Can I customize the platform to fit my needs?

Yes! The app offers customizable features to adapt to the unique requirements of different users. Users can set up specific categories for ideas and personalize your dashboard with diverse themes and backgrounds.